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and also water crisis and one local community gets intense. find out what residents say a heated meeting last night. what would you do if they tried on and off it in a sales associate told you you needed spanks one mom fires back and now her story has gone viral. talk about that coming up in this morning's download. let's see what's happening weatherwise on this tuesday morning in the city nice break from old man winter and that's a good thing. feels so nice out there definitely you don't need that heavy winter coat. to be all bundled up check in with aj with the latest on the forecast. good morning. what a mild start. temperatures well to the 40s and storm fox is showing the rain showers out ahead of the front about ready to make a change here. look at this. this tells the story wind plot showing a southland at ashtabula and in cleveland west southwest eventually west at lorain.
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36 miles an hour. interesting shot from the crib camera. and showing some whitecaps out there no signs of ice anywhere but that's thanks to the wind breaking it up a little bit. 42 hopkins meanwhile back in toledo findley mid- 30s right now with wind chills they are back at low 20s. 40 oh area 41 mentor. currently brunswick 45 aurora barberton at 46. you can see that wraparound snow to the northwest we are getting into little break right now could be a few snowflakes flying around and will talk about how much accumulation if at all and much more in the full forecast just a few minutes. all right. think you. breaking news we are following for you on this tuesday morning involving the merger of two ohio based banks. huntington bank shares which is based in columbus will merge with akron based first merit
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the stock and cash deal is worth about 3.4 billion dollars. the merger will create the largest bank in ohio. the deal is expected to close, by the end of the third quarter. there is no information about how employees will be affected, or if there will be layoffs. will continue to follow this developing story and bring you the latest as we get more information. the water crisis in the northeast ohio community of sebring, has led to angry exchanges during a council meeting last night. t ll t or lecoth dadr pet many of them told they had to go to the health department or ohio epa. people are looking for answers they are confused and they are
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last night standing room only meeting. sebring mayor j. michael pinkerton told residents seven homes out of 40 tested positive for lead. the mayor says the testing by the ohio epa shows the lead is not coming from the town's water distribution. the ohio epa requested more testing to be done, including in all of the schools. the epa is also taking steps to revoke the license for the sebring plant operator, accusing him of falsifying reports. but what people are most concerned with is their health. one woman says her two year old son already tests high for lead exposure. he's two, he doesn't go anywhere else. it doesn't mean it comes from the water ma'am. we think we have tracked this down to older homes where there's lead pipe or steel piping or plumbing o
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os there was a lot of hard feelings upset people last night but interesting speaking to a business owner this morning he said it's a really good town the city is very good to the people and business owners and he really has faith they will solve this solve it fast and they don't want to bring to be remembered like this and it's little issue right now they really believe truly will get better. of core something we're following hope the test results come back okay. you can understand frustration especially of perry it's so concerned about their children. we have water crisis in flint michigan and ohio as well. that one is a lot bigger than the one in sebring. other news this morning. an outspoken and once well respected police chief now admitting he committed crimes against a fellow officer and the department he ran. david oliver once was an internet sensation with a huge facebook following. he wrote a book.
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more on his plea and punishment. good morning. former brimfield police chief david oliver drew praise and more than 100 thousand facebook spoke about criminals in his city. he wrote a book, no mopes allowed a judge now telling him, that's exactly what he became. you've become the mope that you wrote about. do you realize that. oliver, pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault, unlawful restraint, attempted theft in office and unauthorized use of property. the judge gave him probation, ordering ho pay fines and 1300 dollars in restitution to the department he served, for charity money that went missing while he was in office. before he was sentenced brimfield officer crystal casterline detailed the abusive behavior she was subjected to while oliver was her boss. she says he sexually harassed and physically assaulted her constantly. even as he stood before the judge yesterday, the former police chief refused to fully acknowledge the severity of what he's done and the impact it had
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i will guarantee you, she punched me as much as i punched her. domestic violence, how it gets that far. i do now it happens a little bit at a time. they lure you in, gain you trust, build you up and then they start breaking you down. officer casterline has filed a civil lawsuit against her former boss for discrimination, retaliation, emotional distress, assault and battery. she's seeking 50 thousand dollars in damages as well as attorney's fees. david oliver can never work in law enforcement again. my goodness. thanks so much stacey frey reporting. morning. a suspected drunk driver is accused of attacking a sandusky police officer during a routine traffic stop. it happened friday night when officer tony bath pulled ed cody over for suspected drunk driving. the 55 year old began striking and scratching the officer. the officer was forced to use
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cody became so combative that police placed a mask over his head. investigators say he threatened to kill police. officer bath was treated for minor injuries. the fox8 iteam has learned internal discipline could begin as soon as today, for cleveland police officers involved in that deadly 2012 chase. officers fired 137 shots and killed the two suspects after the chase that ended in east cleveland. only officer michael brelo faced criminal charges, and last year he was cleared. now city leaders appear to finally be ready to handout internal punishment for violations of police department rules. the police union has already said it plans to appeal any discipline. seven minutes after 9:00. one young girl trying on formal bargained for. a new game burning up on the internet but this one could be deadly.
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and what teens are now doing with duct tape. in in this challenge. would you let your kids go sledding by themselves. used to happen all the time but these days that's not the case.
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one mother speaking out after daughter while she was shopping for a formal dress. and kansas a sales associate
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spanks. spanks in case you don't know are a body shaping undergarments. there's no way you could wear that dress without spanks. talking about this. how did she suggest why don't you put some spanks on. understand. they quickly left the store the mother and daughter team share their experience on facebook the mother says a lot of girls that suffer from poor self-image she hopes the story got back to the clerk she never said anything like that to anyone else again. dillards contacted the family they apologized saying they'll use their the experience as part of store training in the future. now i understand. when she says you could never wear this dress unless you have spanks on. crossed over the line. a way to say things you're trying to help somebody. it looks good maybe if you put some spanks on it will really give you a nice.
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just a little more. you can never wear that. you better put some spanks on. it doesn't feel good. all in presentation. that's what my wife tells me all the time. it's how you say it. it's how you say it. not a good meal tonight. she might think that sick of lament you do it like that. don't do that. the girl was also in middle school. it's so true girls are so sensitive about that. they really are. especially at that age when the bodies are changing. it's a thing where to change in any way. right. they all have this poor self image. they really do. let's get to some comments lisa
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not think the store clerk meant disrespect i believe she wanted the girl to look more beautiful in the old days grandmothers were the girls to smooth the lines and bulbs today we use spanks. susanna writes the ridiculous. 's or employee's job is to help individual look the best and they can the problem here is the mother saying her daughter looked perfect she is putting it in her head that she should be perfect and no one is. teacher to be who she is and allow people to help. maryanne says little bit of drama mom. she looks adorable but let's face of the dresses clinging to her time a you can of her belly button nothing wrong with wearing the correct undergarment to smooth out some rough spots that's what they are made for. cathy says what's more humiliating a clerk who sounds like they were trying to be helpful or mom busting this all over the internet. city rats why does my want to push her daughter into a dress
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shoes only three years older than 10. moms problem she puts it on facebook. amanda redd's dress clearly does not fit her body type. don't be offended by a salesperson trying to help you look better. go on attack me everyone my daughter would be wearing a dress that formal if she was that heavy. eric says mother shames daughter on internet how many more moms will do this. kimberly writes spanks worn by thousands of women every day. i wear one almost every day as well. this young girl looks gorgeous in the dress salesperson was so wrong i am a huge amount of respect for the mother great post. jana says she did need spanks. shamed her own daughter my daughter would be mortified if i did that go back to parenting school mom. there is no poll on our website but leave me a comment on our facebook page the article is there as well click on it it will take you there. is all in how you say it. we weren't there in the room and
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suggesting. we don't know. back in the day slips were in that would be normal. pit a slip on underneath you can see through it a little bit or let it hang a little bit better. spanks has a different meaning. now she is a shame she's all over the internet. that's even worse than what the woman said. nobody would have known about it. come on. mom would have been the only want to know about it. now all of her friends. she is 13 years old you know how kids are 13 -year-old kids. lady the work of the store a real encounter in she was just mean that's horrible. i don't know. right. thank you kristi and thank you for all of your comments. all right want to get a weather update. not a bad day as far as the forecast is concerned craig especially talking about
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and almost has this spring kind of feeling today. feels nice out there. hey aj. double up on your spanks today. it will be colder. i know i have. anyway the winds are coming in in the winds have changed are blowing. the showery weather this is all liquid moving towards fairport harbor ashtabula north kingsville. little consultant line that is tending the cold front 42 degrees in cleveland. windchill is 10 below that. feels like 22 at toledo. right now its 40 in elyria adina 45 barberton 46 same in oral and mentor 41. willoughby is down for degrees from last hour. 46 north olmsted but ford 43 and so and is 46 along with canton as well. you can see showers pushing through snow wrapping and from the northwest's doing pretty
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michigan right now. maps in motion showing the front pulling away. another one that will try and sneak in from the north but certainly some lake effect can't be ruled out late tonight into wednesday snow cast showing generally less than an inch of northwest pa to pick up two or 3 inches of snow lake effect snow the lake is fairly wide open right now. forecast for today a passing shower this morning. literally passing us by. and it is in the process of turning colder. brisk may be understatement. 30s down to 24 tonight a few snow showers in little accumulation if any. tomorrow some snow showers early on possible. that is the snow belt area. mostly cloudy brisk west winds 10 to 15. here's the fox a day outlook we are very swiftly heading towards the end of january's year with
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friday. a few flakes possible saturday and sunday rain showers are possible highs in the low to mid 40s not a bad looking weekend really. and as we say hello to february not looking bad above average and even groundhog day. fox8 your official school closing station. groundhog day a week from today. the little guy sees his shadow. thank you. bite your tongue. parts of the east coast still paralyzed from that weekend blizzard federal offices in dc are closed again today while the city is trying to get out from under 2 feet of snow get all of the snow out of the way. students getting yet another snow day today as well. city of brotherly love
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in new jersey two more bodies have been found. one woman was found dead in a snow drift and a 78 year old woman's body was found in her car, parked at a burger king. meanwhile in the bronx a six year old girl was playing in the snow, when she disappeared. it turns out she had fallen into an open manhole, that was hidden there she is. adorable. a neighbor was able to pull her out of the icy water. no doubt. she's expected to be okay. thank god. this brochure the time of your kids bundle up and grabbed their sleds for some winter fun but is it okay to let them go sledding downhill by themselves. some say it's a rare sight to see kids letting unsupervised parents concerned sledding not always safe the latest iphone 200,000 children treated in emergency rooms for sledding related issues every year 200,000.
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i don't know if i would do that. i wouldn't i'm always there you just never know. still ahead this morning democratic residential candidate squaring off. find a hot topics in a town hall debate and who is now lagging in the polls. after tragedy comes hope today a new k-9 officer will meet the other members of his team at a needs bridesmaids and groomsmen and the wedding party care about the latest trend when it comes to choosing who stands next to the bride and groom when we come
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welcome back. senator bernie sanders, hillary clinton and martin omalley face off for their final time before the iowa caucus this time in a town hall forum in des moines. the ideas i am talking about are not radical ideas. we may raise taxes but we are also going to eliminate private health care premiums for individuals and for businesses. bernie sanders kicked things off. he took many questions about his healthcare plans and viability as a candidate. while hillary clinton reminded voters she has been working on healthcare for a very long time. when i worked on healthcare back in 93 and 94 and i don't know if
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been around and had been able to pay attention, i was trying to get us to universal healthcare coverage working with my husband. the former maryland governor is lagging in the polls in iowa but he says he's in it, to win it. iowa caucus goers will select a candidate, next monday. getting exciting. something new to talk about. one of the national stories were covering for you on this tuesday morning. kristi capel has an update with the plane they thought they found in the ocean certainly not. which is not the case. officials say debris found in thailand last week is not from missing malaysia airlines flight 370. a fisherman found the large piece of curved metal on friday. both malaysian and thai officials inspected it and they now say it is not from the airliner. the malaysia airlines jet disappeared in march of 2014, with 239 people onboard. a piece of it washed up on a french island last july but nothing else has been found.
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after police say he drank racing fuel. 16 year old logan stephenson was found dead in his bedroom thursday and his best friend is in critical condition. investigators say the friends drank racing fuel mixed with mountain dew to get drunk. the fuel is used in race cars, and has a very high alcohol content. two other students also confessed to drinking the mixture but they survived. there's no sign of foul play, in the death of a tennessee toddler. that's the word from the district attorney, after an autopsy on the body of noah chamberlain. he was the two year old who was on a hike in the woods with his sister and grandmother when he disappeared. searchers spent a week looking for him before finding his body on thursday. the coroner says noah died from hypothermia. a texas grand jury has finished looking into videos that claimed planned parenthood was selling fetal tissue and organs. and not only did it clear planned parenthood it indicted the people who made the videos. two antiabortion activists who staged the videos, are charged with tampering with a governmental record using fake
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deceptive practices. planned parenthood has always maintained the footage was edited to suggest it sells fetal tissue for profit. the two people facing charges say they have not committed any crimes. the former head of detroit's fbi office and a former prosecutor will lead a special counsel to see if any laws were broken during the flint water crisis. the state switched the city from the detroit water system, and started using the flint river in 2014, to save money. but, the water was found to contain high levels of lead and other chemicals. michigan's governor has apologized for regulatory failures leading to the crisis. you can help the people in flint michigan who are in the middle of a serious water crisis. wzak radio has teamed up with the blessed hope missionary baptist church to collect bottled water. wayne and i stopped by yesterday, and dropped off twenty cases.
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thousand bottles of water. organizer sam silk says the goal is 100 thousand bottles. the collection drive will wrap up, later today. if you get a chance one package 120 pack or sixpack anything will help. when you see the pictures on instagram in twitter facebook dark water that they have. even for bathing they need these bottles. that many people affected that's going to take a lot. they do great work. they do. kudos to them. great idea. changes are coming to bridges in our state. find out what's being done to make them safer for drivers and how a local family paved the way for the new initiative. and new cavalier head coach gets his first win find out what players gave him to celebrate. pretty cool story on the other side of the brake. hi aj. good morning. after a very mild start today
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a cold front goes through we'll see if there's any mild and are inside as we wrap up the month
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family they are. make what is story scott is doing well were happy to tell you that mayor gave in sports this morning new cavalier head coach tyler wants to give him and run more on offense.
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smith. looking for the and one. lebron james delis tell that he throws value to timothy moscow
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through the end of the gym. i'm sure it did. it never something there were
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experiences for blogging is all this with them as saleswomen that does everything have to be
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spang said she needed a different dress. families of all places where families because of the body shaping it doesn't matter how old you are or how fit you are or what sport you play. it was a mother and daughter they didn't really need to throw her a comment in that her daughter should worse banks. arguing about it and insisting is rude.
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average bridesmaid and grooms woman.
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michael cox charged the deputy district attorney's show this to the ground and then started to punch him. several people jumped out of their seats and they just thinke& kid just been convicted of criminal activity for fondling a young girl now he's going to be facing additional charges if you thought that was crazy check the file bizarre case of road rage in texas, on camera pick a look what happened at a busy road. this is an austin.
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right now. it all started with a minor wreck in ohio. the train slammed into the trailer. forcing right into the deputy. that's kind of what is a very makes you think a lot.
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the in the back wheels he's so lucky. knows that of anyone knows could've been much worse. hoover has the sights sites on food delivery. order a pizza.
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for $5. as you -- they are out of work. there's something kind of new they're due to meet traditional bridal party when they have a male of honor men are having their sisters and friends as grooms the women and that it will best woman instead of the best spent they say it's that new norm they don't want anybody
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i'm a traditionalist we're
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your absolutely and vice versa. it's the new norm. i knew teams find out what one mother strong morning after her son ends up in the hospital. and that there are other apps from you won't believe this story.
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unique animal rescue slot. he accidentally ran a marathon. and he made great time he finished the race.
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their friends they're just not thinking right now schuyler's mother says police how heard the bad the injuries were they began an investigation because they thought it could have been foul play detectives. it apparently trying to cross the road. and he grabs onto a rear and that's when an officer notices and stopped to help the animal
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veterinarian been released back into its natural that have gone viral. and really beautiful color. in alabama dog is going viral after taking part in a half marathon. she didn't even know she was running. break. and she unknowingly ended up at the half the half marathon. when she competed without a human or a leash and she finished in just 33 minutes and finished in seventh place. her owner is not our runner didn't even know her dog had run in the race until a friend told her. guess where your powerpoint
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she was probably wondering why is everyone wondered that they can at the end of this line. who's taking outlook at the forecast. those temps are coming down with the windchill reading expected to be in the 20s will be in the 30s tomorrow and the chance for a little lake effect snow doesn't look like it will add up. doesn't look like a big problem bit a little warmer on saturday the 40s maybe a few scattered light rain showers mostly cloudy and he breaks of sunshine could
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his shadow on tuesday. let's see what's coming up next on new day cleveland. good morning aj. hello. you're really clogging up the scene here. it's going to be great the campus grill is here that's going to be terrific for going to take a look at some chocolate pasta. they are two separate things. how you can get your hands on it
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